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Free distant healing

So why do I want to send you free Reiki each month?

There are three main reasons.

The first is that I was taught Reiki for free in Dubai (thank you, Samar).

The second is that I received lots of free distant Reiki when I returned to London. This is my way of paying it forward.

And, let me tell you, I really needed free Reiki then.

I’d just split up with my partner of over six years and I was in pieces.

I say pieces. In fact, it was like I wasn’t there at all. The lights were on but Victoria had left the building… and what was left was… nothingness.

I heard myself talking and sometimes even smiling… as if from a distance. I was far, far away, drowning in my pain.

Luckily, I received many lifelines and was pulled back to the shore.

One of these lifelines was receiving free distant Reiki from people online.

The last reason I want to give you free Reiki each month?

This is the one closest to my heart.

Twenty years ago, when I was 14, my father, a headmaster, died from multiple sclerosis (MS).

Giving you free Reiki is my tribute to him.

So I’d love it if you’d accept my gift of free Reiki.

To receive free Reiki, simply email me now at — and ask to be included on my list. (I promise I won’t share or sell on your details.)