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Things people have said after receiving Reiki from me

"I felt fantastic after receiving Reiki – there was a huge shift. I now feel a lot lighter, and really energized. Thank you, Victoria. The world seems a better place today."

Susan, Nurse

"I felt an intense flow of energy and sensations, like heat and tingling, throughout my entire body. After Reiki from Victoria, I felt calmer and more positive, especially in stressful work situations, where I wouldn’t have before."

Nick, Designer

"After I received Reiki, I had a really good night’s sleep… sound deep… not slept like that in a while. My neck, which has restricted movement, also feels looser. My back also feels better than before."

Stef, Psychologist

"After Reiki from Victoria, I felt more grounded and focused, and more able to face the challenges that lay ahead of me."

Wendy, Interior Designer

"Receiving Reiki from Victoria was very relaxing which I often find hard to do. Other beneficial effects are that, for the first time in my life, I am sleeping well at night."

Tina, Developer

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