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Free distant healing

How to sign up for free Reiki

Email me at - and ask for free distant Reiki. Then add to your address book to ensure you receive my emails.

More about receiving free Reiki from me:

1. You won’t need to keep requesting free Reiki.

When I split up with my partner, I found it a struggle to make constant online requests for Reiki. I’m not suggesting you’re in a place of pain (my life is really good now and I use Reiki to make it even better!). I just think it’s easier for you if you’re permanently on my list so you receive free Reiki each month. If you want to stop receiving free Reiki from me, just ask :o)

2. Please give me time to get back to you.

Offering Reiki is not my proper job. So please allow me time to add you to my list, or remove you. I love to receive feedback. If I don’t reply, it’s because I receive lots of emails and my life is busy. I do care, though, which is why I’m offering you free Reiki.

3. I look forward to helping awaken you to your highest potential.

The Reiki I offer is Usui Reiki and yet I call it Reiki Reawaken because it helps you wake up – and become the real you.

I so hope you enjoy your free Reiki from me.

And that it helps bring you much health, happiness, abundance and wellbeing.