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Free distant healing

I’m a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki Master, Gold Reiki Master, Tacyon Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer…

…Yet seven years ago, there was no way I believed in Reiki.

I was working in Dubai, a paradise of sun, sea and sand — and I was bored out of my mind.

I was also slightly sad. Not so you’d notice if you met me (in fact, I kept the feeling pretty well hidden even from myself), but my then partner and I were going through a rough time. We really loved each other but somehow that didn’t seem to be enough.

It was then that I met a Reiki Master, Samar.

She told me about Reiki, a healing technique from Japan that could change your mind, body and life for the better.

I didn’t really believe her (in fact, I thought it sounded like something from a fantasy novel).

But I was intrigued enough to give Reiki a go. Especially since I’d lived in Japan for two years and was drawn to all things from the Land of the Rising Sun.

No sooner did I feel Reiki energy than I was blown away.

I immediately signed up to learn Reiki with Samar.

And, just like that, my life began to profoundly transform.

Find out the benefits of receiving free Reiki from me.

Or email me now and ask to receive free Reiki at (I promise I won’t sell your details.)