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Free distant healing

Would you like to receive free Reiki every month?

(And when I say “free Reiki”, yes, I really do mean “free Reiki” – there’s no catch.)


My name's Victoria.

I'm a Reiki Master/Reiki Teacher living in London.

And I’d like to offer you free Reiki healing to wherever you are in the world.

Why? There are many reasons I’d like to offer you free Reiki.

But the main one is that my father passed away 20 years ago from MS.

And, in his memory, I’d like to offer anyone who wants it free distant Reiki healing.

Reiki works to balance your energy on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Helping you enjoy a happy life full of ease, abundance and wellbeing.

I invite you to sign up for free Reiki and see the results for yourself.

Ki o tsukete ne!

Or, for those of you who don’t speak Japanese…

Take care,

Victoria x
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P.S. To receive free distant Reiki each month, please email me - and ask to be added to my list (I promise I won’t sell or pass on your details).